Hello all! This is my guide to installing the BL game DRAMAtical Murder. Here you'll find two methods for playing: one that is fairly easy and doesn't require installation, and the other which is a backup method, in case the non-installation method doesn't work for you. So let's get started!

Non-Installation/Fuwanovel Method:

This is definitely the easier of the two methods, although it doesn't always work for everyone (unfortunately) so I've decided to keep the long version on this page just in case! This should be the first option, though.

What you'll need:

- DRAMAtical Murder from Fuwanovel

- Vuze torrenting program (download this before doing anything else!)

So what you'll want to do first is download the torrent from the Fuwanovel page by clicking the green Download button. Once it's finished, click on the torrent to open it in Vuze. It should now start downloading the torrent! It may take a while to finish depending on how many people are seeding. Remember to leave Vuze open after you've finished downloading until you've seeded to at least a 1.00 share ratio - this will help the download go faster for everyone else!
Now that you have the folder with all of the files you'll need inside (you can find it in the Vuze Downloads folder in Documents), there's only one big thing left to do before you start playing - this is a crucial step, so make sure you've done it before anything else! Click here to find out how to change your locale.

After you've restarted and your locale is now in Japanese, you're almost ready! First, as a safety precaution, open the folder you downloaded and run the file sdrt4280j.exe. Install that, and then you're finished. Test out the game by clicking "DMMd_crack_for_ver110.exe". If the stars align, the game should open right up and run smoothly! Congratulations! You can right click and create a shortcut to move to the desktop and rename it "DRAMAtical Murder" or whatever you'd like. You're now all set to play!
You can keep your locale in Japanese if you'd like, it won't interfere with anything aside from causing a few programs you install to try and do so in Japanese, but it's easy to fix. Just make sure that your locale is set in JP whenever you're playing the game!

If you have any problems, please check the FAQ first. If nothing there solves your issue, you may have to manually install.

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Here you'll find the manual installation guide (it's old, I apologize), which is lengthy and possibly confusing, but a last resort for those who can't get the easy version working for whatever reason.
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Hello everyone! So I’ve recently heard a lot of people want to install DRAMAtical Murder, but have been a bit put off by the installation process (understandable, since it’s a bit of a long to-do to get the crack and patches set up). So, I’ve decided to put together a hopefully helpful guide to getting everything installed!

What you’ll need (links included):

- DRAMAtical Murder - for, well, obvious reasons

- DAEMON Tools Lite - for mounting the disk file and installing the game!

- DRAMAtical Murder COMPLETE English Patch - courtesy of the team over @ AarinFantasy, who worked super hard to translate the game - a big thank you from the fandom to everyone who was involved in the project!!

*You'll also need WinRAR to extract .rar files for this method! You can either download 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your operating system. Check here to see what OS you're running on if you're not sure!

I’m going to be using torrents in this installation process, so if you don’t have a torrenting program, hop on over to Vuze or uTorrent and download one to continue! Also, I’m running on Windows 7. This process should work on Windows 8, Vista and maybe XP (in compatibility mode), though I’m not certain; as for other operating systems (such as Macintosh), I unfortunately don’t believe it does. But anyway, here we go!

Setting Computer Locale to Japanese

For the purposes of properly installing and running the game, you’ll need to first set up your computer’s regional settings; otherwise, the scripts and game itself will not install properly. This is a crucial step!! Make sure you have done it before anything else, or there's a 100% chance the game won't work.

Head on over to the Control Panel, and click on Regional and Language Settings.

Click the Administrative tab, then Change System Locale … . On this tab, change the system locale to Japan (Japanese).

Restart your computer, and you should be ready!

(return to first method)

Downloading the .ISO file and Patch/Crack

Locate the file you downloaded from NyaaTorrents, and open up whichever torrent program you decided to go with (I’m using Vuze in this case). Drag the torrent file over to your program to begin downloading it!

This is usually the most lengthy part of setup, since the .ISO file is around 2GB in size. Depending on your Internet speed, there’s a chance you may just have to let it download in the background for a while.

The program should inform you when the download is done. Now you should have a folder that looks something like this!

We’re ready now to mount the disk and install the game!

Mounting the Disk Image

Here, we’re going to emulate a CD-ROM drive so that we can install DMMd!

 Open up DAEMON Tools Lite. It should look a little like this (though less cluttered than mine):

Click on the icon of the drive with the DT above it and green plus sign below it. This will create a blank drive for us to install DMMd on.

Drag the .ISO file in your DMMd folder over to the blank drive you created. After a moment, the blank drive should become the DMMd icon, and the AutoPlay window will come up. (If you get an error about a missing DLL file, please check the FAQ!)

Run the setup and let’s install!

Installing the Game

This part is pretty straightforward, aside from a little possibly confusing Japanese.

IMPORTANT!: If the text in the installation comes up as question marks or other text that isn't Japanese, do not continue! This most likely means your locale didn't set to Japanese.

After the game installs,  a small dialog will appear asking if you want to make a desktop shortcut. You can say no to this, since we will make a shortcut for the crack file soon! IMPORTANT: The next window has a box ticked for a program called soft-denchi. I've heard both that it is helpful and that it isn't required; after checking on Fuwanovel, I've come to the conclusion that it's best to install it along with the game just in case.

Now that the game is successfully installed, let’s apply the update, crack and English patch!

Update/Crack/English Patch

First, we want to apply the version 1.10 that will work with the crack. In your file where the .ISO and other files are, extract both the 1.10 update and crack .ZIP files.

Open in a separate window the game’s Program Files location (C: < Program Files (x86) or Program Files < NitroplusCHiRAL < DRAMAtical Murder). Inside your DMMdUpdate1.10 folder, highlight the three files, and drag them over to the game folder. If it prompts you to replace the other files, go ahead and do so!

Now, for the crack. In the crack folder you unzipped, drag the file over to the game folder as well. For this file, you don’t have to overwrite the DMMd.exe file in the game folder; it’s okay if that and the DMMd_crack_for_ver110 are separate.

Now create a shortcut for the crack and send it to the desktop. Rename it DRAMAtical Murder or whatever if you’d like.

Click on the shortcut to test out if the game starts up correctly. If I’ve recalled everything correctly, it should work! (Don’t worry if there’s briefly a black screen; the game takes a few moments to start up, especially if you have other programs running.) 

If everything goes smoothly, exit out so we can install the patch!

English Patch

The final step! The translation group has been kind enough to give a really nice guide to setting up the English patch. Unzip the English patch files wherever you saved them and follow the guide inside (which is also a walkthrough for the choices!), and you should now be able to play DRAMAtical Murder in full English!

I hope that this guide wasn’t too confusing or convoluted! If there’s anything I missed or something that doesn’t work/make sense, please feel free to let me know. I hope everything works out and everyone is able to play! If you have any issues with installation or any general questions or comments on the guide, please don't hesitate to send me an ask.


When I try to run the game, I get a window from softdenchi asking for a 20-digit alphanumeric license for authentication.
This window is the one that the crack is supposed to bypass. If you're seeing it, chances are that you are running from DMMd.exe instead of DMMd_crack_for_ver110.exe. Right click on whatever shortcut you're using to run the game and select Properties. Make sure that in the 'Target' section, it says "C:\Program Files (x86)\NitroplusCHiRAL\DRAMAtical Murder\DMMd_crack_for_ver110.exe". Also make sure that you have moved the 1.10 update files over to the DRAMAtical Murder folder in Program Files before you try and run the crack.

When I try to run the setup, I get an error that says 'the file d3dx9_42.dll is missing'.
This is an error that has to do with a DirectX file that is missing. DirectX is a software used with games and programs with advanced graphics/animations. To try and fix this error:

1. Restart your computer. Just in case the missing file is just a fluke, restart and try to run the setup again.

2. Install DirectX straight from the Microsoft website. This comes with all the latest files in a DierctX setup and contains the d3dx9_42.dll file. After updating DirectX, restart. This should clear up the problem.

3. If you already have DirectX installed, and the above does not work (it may not because installing the driver does not overwrite the corrupted file), download the DirectX redist from here. Directions:

- Make a folder to extract the files (there will be many) to and extract them.
- Run DXSETUP.exe, found in the folder.(I recommend running the computer in Safe Mode to run this)
- This should overwrite/update the missing file.

4. If for some reason downloading DirectX did not help, updating the driver for your video card may correct the problem. For info on how to update drivers (in Win 7/8/Vista/XP), see here.

When I start the game, the black screen comes up, but then either a) the game closes or b) the black screen is endless.
Usually, this is the result of not completing the step of changing your locale into Japanese. However, I have also seen many instances where the locale has been changed and this error still occurs; in this case, try the following:

- Set your locale back to English, restart, then change to Japanese and restart again. Run the game to see if the issue is fixed. Thanks to charaevia for this fix!
- Install AppLocale from Microsoft and try running the game through this instead.

The game runs fine, but crashes when I save/quicksave!
This is a result of insufficient permissions. First, try running the game in administrator mode (right-click < properties < compability < check 'run this program as administrator'). If this does not fix the issue:

- Uninstall the game and all components.
- Run the installation, and at the point where it allows you to choose a directory to save to (default is C:\Program Files or Program Files (x86)\NitroplusCHiRAL), install the game somewhere that is accessible to your account (such as My Documents).

NOTE: If your account name (found in C:\Users) includes any non-alphabetical or non-numerical letters/symbols, the game will not be able to be installed to your account. Aside from editing the registry (which is possible, but somewhat dangerous) to change your name in C:\Users, there is not much you can do. Use or create another account without symbols in the name in order to install the game.

For more troubleshooting options, see the bottom of the page here, check this tag, or add a comment here: Fuwanovel